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Graduation Ceremony


Third Year Degree Students ,

Its been three years since your journey started at Rao’s. This is the last semester. Last year has been tremendously difficult for all of us here. However, your memories kept ringing in the halls of Rao’s

We believe you have made some wonderful memories as we did while you were here. It’s hard to say goodbye to all of you, but we strongly believe your mark will be left with us forever. Your memories will stay in the campus forever.

We want you to remember that “This is the first step, first success, first achievement for you and we wish many more achievements to you.

Let us celebrate your success with us as we are extremely proud of each one of your success here. We will be hosting a grand graduation day ceremony for all our final year students after the competition of the 6th semester examinations.

Please register in the below link to confirm your attendance at the graduation ceremony.

The link will also be available on our website.  


The link is given below.         

Fill the form completely, if you are inviting your parents, please remember to fill the names.

Note: Only registered students will be given passes for the program