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Chairman's Desk

RAO'S Institutions

Higher education is the touchstone by which the progress of a nation is measured in today’s times. As the country stands poised on the brink of an exciting future, higher education is as important as administrative policy. Today, the society, the academia and the industry need to stand together and share their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in order to create a responsible, progressive and skilled citizenry. In keeping with this very spirit, RAO'S Institutions has been focusing on providing all-round, relevant and comprehensive education to students for the last three decades in an environment that impresses upon ethics, values and mutual respect.

Whenever I am asked to define education, the following quote always comes to my mind “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. Education is the fountainhead of growth, progress and development in any part of the world. Its contribution has been responsible for upliftment of the society, in shaping the moral fiber of the student community and contributing to the nation’s well–being by producing the bright minds of tomorrow. We at the RAO'S Institutions have structured an effective and holistic education system in a way that prepares the students to be an effective and efficient workforce and make the best use of the opportunities that the industry sends their way. The curriculam of the various colleges under the RAO'S Institutions Trust are designed to keep pace with the ever evolving and dynamic trends and challenges of the industry today.

In this day and age where parents as well as students constantly worry about studies, the relevance of it, the quality of guidance and the learning environment, as well as the wholesomeness of the living environment, we at RAO'S Institutions firmly believe that the best of each of these worlds is present in our beautiful, 11–acre campus. I invite you all, dear students, to walk through our gates to feel the positivity vibrating in the atmosphere at RAO'S Institutions, and join us in making it a truly world–class institution.

Wishing you all the very best in all times to come.

Dr. Y.Koteswara Rao