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Campus Life

Rao's College campus is comparably the best in features. It is build to ensure and encourage all round development of its students, nurturing the world of tomorrow.Rao's College has a wi-fi campus allowing the students flexibility and luxury of working from any part of the campus at anytime. Rao's campus amidst lots of greenery, the various institutions have a number of facilities including a library, hostels, a student cafeteria serving multiple cuisines to satisfy different palates, laboratories for all the branches of science, sports arena with facilities for various games, a digital library as well as transport facilities for our students and staff.


All the departments have their own dedicated libraries complete with internet facilities and laboratories wherever needed. The libraries have a large and extensive collection of books, and national and international journals that are updated each academic year.

The library also has internet access along with helinet and wi-fi facilities. All the libraries provide the users with a reprography facility as well.The library also has a digital section where one can find a huge database of reputed online journals and international periodicals, as well as a full–text collections of faculty and document publications.