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M.Sc. Computer Science

M.Sc. Computer Science course furnishes graduates that are well-versed with the technicalities of the computer science domain and can help the world in being more organized and fast at the same time. The main objective of M.Sc. Computer Science is to hone the skills of computer science enthusiasts in the various thrust areas of the field and provide them with the perfect amalgamation of theory as well as practical knowledge.

Since it’s a course at post-graduation level, it takes forward the knowledge gained by the students at the undergraduate level and provides them with an advanced level of learning and understanding on the subject.

Course Duration

2 years


Candidates who have completed B.Sc.(General) Mathematical Sciences, (10+2+3 scheme) with Mathematics and Computer Science are also eligible to apply.

Career Opportunities

M.Sc. Computer Science graduates interested in pursuing a job can apply for various job profiles such as a system administrator, software programmer, software tester, software analyst and data Base Manager. Further, the candidate can also go for hardware and Networking profiles.